Client Information

We are a small specialist firm that relies on word of mouth references and our reputation of which we are very proud.  We have operated successfully since 1994 with a full client base and have eschewed many of the practices of the larger companies such as formal titles, glossy publications and branding and marketing plans.  We don’t criticise others for having them, they just don’t fit our style.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and ethics at Saunders Unsworth Limited.  We will be honest and at times very blunt with you.  Our clients tend to stay long-term and we build strong bonds.  We will tell you if we think you are heading in the wrong direction, expecting too much or wasting time and money.  We seek outcomes not just billable hours, and we make each call on the basis of how it will affect the long-term relationship.

A key characteristic that distinguishes this firm from most others, is that we operate on the basis the client has one senior consultant and the work is done by that consultant – not juniors or intermediates, which at Saunders Unsworth do not exist.  Only where required by the client is more than one consultant involved.  This model makes it much easier to manage real and perceived conflicts of interest.   

We are a fun consultancy.  Our annual client function is incredibly popular in Government circles and over 50 MPs always attend, but speeches are banned.  Our clients are always welcome in our offices and many pop in just for a chat or a glass of wine. 

We do not prepare weekly political updates or ‘gossip’ sheets.  We know that these would be popular, but if the MPs, staff and senior civil servants who we mix with regularly thought that everything they discussed with us over a wine was going to be circulated around Wellington or New Zealand, then we would quickly be cut from the invite lists.

If you are interested in using our services please contact one of our consultants.  Contact details are on the profile pages.  If necessary we are happy to provide a list of referees.  You are most welcome to check out our credentials with politicians, their advisers and government officials.  If they do not speak highly of us, we do not deserve to be considered by you.  We will, if required, sign confidentiality agreements, but most of our relationships are sealed with a handshake, not a legal document. 

What we will not do is enter a competitive pitch.  The 'beauty parade' format for pitching for work is probably appropriate for selecting an advertising agency or a public relations company handling consumer products.  It is totally inappropriate for government relations and public policy work.