About Us

Who we are

Saunders Unsworth is New Zealand’s leading government relations and public policy firm.  We are based on The Terrace in Wellington, close to Parliament and key government departments and ministries.

Saunders Unsworth offer an unrivalled level of expertise and networks across New Zealand.  We operate a non-partisan political approach allowing access and relationships with political parties across the spectrum, as well as their advisers and also departmental officials and regulatory agencies.

Our consultancy comprises only senior and highly experienced practitioners, with backgrounds that include a Cabinet Minister, business, journalism, overseas trade, resource development, ministerial advisor and diplomatic posting.


Saunders Unsworth was created in 1994 in response to the then new MMP electoral system.  MMP requires influencers to have regard for the views of every single MP, and has resulted in there being more political parties in Parliament.

As experienced government relations practitioners with parliamentary experience, Barrie and Mark saw a gap in the market for a specialised and comprehensive lobbying company, capable of working with any government. 

Since 1994 the consultancy has grown and now has four senior members in the team.  The news media has frequently acknowledged the company’s position as the leading lobbying and government relations firm.



  1. Interact with Ministers, MPs and their staff  and officials on a daily basis 
  2. Research and write reports on issues of public importance
  3. Directly advocate with officials and regulatory authorities on behalf of clients 
  4. Research, write and prepare Select Committee submissions as well as appearing with or on behalf of clients at Select Committees
  5. Create constituencies for policies that meet client needs
  6. Write media releases, speeches and articles and influence newspaper editors, business editors and leaders writers
  7. Provide political intelligence about issues, including the way they are likely to be  dealt with by Ministers
  8. Participate in and manage teams seeking to achieve public policy objectives 
  9. Handle crisis management situations
  10. Provide strategic business advice and analysis
  11. Monitor happenings in Wellington