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4 April 2014

20 Year Anniversary

Saunders Unsworth is 20 years old as of April 4, 2014. The company was created when Barrie and Mark met, for the first time in March 1994, where they agreed consultant lobbyist Mark, would join Barrie at his firm (Barrie Saunders & Associates) to create Saunders Unsworth Limited, as a Government Relations consultancy.

The relationship was cemented in March 1994 with a dinner at the Shamrock Hotel in Wellington, with their respective wives, who got together again this week, to mark the occasion.

In July 1994 they moved across The Terrace to Solnet House, where the firm has remained. There are now four shareholder directors since Roger Sowry and Charles Finny joined the firm a few years ago.  Consultant Joanna Murray joined the firm in 2012 rounding out the team.  Melisa Webster as office manager ensures bills go out on time and visiting clients are well treated.

In Wellington the company is known for running the best networking party in the Winter, with up to 300 people attending including 50 or more MPs, along with clients, company CEO’s, senior officials and other movers and shakers.  There are those who lobby to get an invite! Saunders Unsworth’s model means there are effectively five businesses under one roof, as each consultant is free to operate pretty much as they choose.  We are allergic to bureaucracy and the management speak loved by many.   Despite the lack of marketing, new business materialises and we continue to enjoy excellent relations with many very long standing clients.